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Peter I                  1682-1725
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Peter III              1762
Catherine II        1762-1796
Paul I                   1796-1801
Alexander I         1801-1825
Nicholas I            1825-1855
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Rusian Coin of Peter I
P E T E R  I  (1682 - 1725)
Peter I (Peter Alexeyevich Romanov) (9 June 16728 February 1725) ruled Russia from 7 May 1682 until his death. With his self-given name: Peter the Great, he was at first a joint ruler with his weak and sickly half-brother, Ivan V, who died in 1696. Peter then ruled alone until 1724, whenceforth he ruled jointly with his wife, Catherine I. Peter carried out a policy of "Westernization" and expansion that transformed Russia into a major European power. Senate Chancellor Golovkin added "the Great, Father of His Country, Emperor of All the Russias" to Peter's traditional title Tsar following a speech by the archbishop of Pskov in 1721. Peter the Great was a tall figure, with an extremely striking build of over 2 meters (6 feet 7 inches), and large, green eyes.
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Rare coin from England - probe, 1900
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item # 426
on image to see galleryRare coin from England - probe, 1900 for sale
Rare coin from England - probe, 1900
estimate price $330-$350
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item # 426
on image to see galleryRussian commemorative coin in mint condition, 1991
Russian commemorative coin in mint condition, 1991
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item # 572
Russian Imperial coins, Peter I
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